Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Last night I was rambling on about how I'm not a big fan of the lyrical content in Eminem's new song, "Love the way you lie", but I couldn't help smiling at Stacy's response.

It went something like this....
Me: "You know, I heard that new song, and I really don't think I like Eminem now."
Stacy: "You don't like M&M's"
Me: "No, the rapper."
Stacy: "They come in wrappers. Do you have some?"
Me: smile!

Things I learned about Laney!

Here's a list of things I learned about Laney this weekend:

- She's not a big fan of traditional Mexican food. We visited Adobo Grill for our 'babymoon' and she kicked, and kicked, and kicked. Not just "hey, i'm here" kicks, these were "what the hell is this kicks"

- If she's anything like her mother, she'll be a floater. Unfortunately, her dad is a sinker. Think Leo off the movie, Titanic. I sink. Bad equillibrium I guess.

- She's not afraid of spiders. At least not now. During our Maternity pictures, we were doing a couple picture in the grass, and a spider about the size of quarter, scuttle over my wife's pregnant belly and into the thick brush. ~~~We changed location after that.

- If given the choice between choosing coffee or fudge, a pregnant woman and her unborn child will choose fudge every time.