Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hello Laney Roo, Daddy loves you. Part 1.

Talk about intense. From my perspective, clueless father-to-be, the human body birthing a child is intense. Nothing like it. And while I titled the blog, Matt the Superhero, the super hero is really Stacy. She makes human beings...and delivers them.

Here's a few of my favorites from that night...

(An excited Stacy finishes some last second work. Can your PC do that?)

(Birthing Superpower: Advance Cellular Communication)

(At this point the contractions were so intense that I feared for my life, since I obviously was the cause of all this.)

(The epidurals kicking in, and Stacy is starting to rapidly progress at this point.)

(Wonderful little Delaney comes into the world with a full set of developed lungs.)

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  1. congrats matt & stacy! she's adorable.

    cheers, thad